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Ball Tampering … The Biggest Brain Fart



24th of March 2018 was a dark day for the Australian Cricket team and it’s fans.  And it’s not because we lost the game, but because we lost the essence of sports.  In the era of billion dollar sponsorship’s and big salaries, sports has become a business.  We see this not just in Cricket, but in every other sports.  Winning at all cost.

There is a lot of noise in the main stream media and even on social media currently about the three players Cameron Bancroft, David Warner and Steve Smith. The whole of Australia, even those who don’t follow Cricket have something to say.  In the public’s eye they were villains who brought discredit to the game and to Australia.

Where did I stand on this issue and where am I now?

I was livid. I was disgusted.  I was disappointed in Steve Smith.  I had such great regard for Steve Smith until then.  I admired the way he played, the way he captained.  Cool, calm collected and a young man with great talent and temperament. All that tarnished by a moment of insanity.  I could never accept cheating.  And there was no dressing this up as anything else. This was blatant cheating.

Australian team as well as the public have never gone easy on other teams and always taken the high moral ground on other teams for even the smell of cheating.  Memories don’t fail me when I recall the incident or incidents of 2006 Australia vs Sri Lanka, how Sri Lankan spin bowler Muttiah Muralitharan was tormented by the bias umpires, Australian Team and the Australian public.  Here was one up and coming young bowler from a third world country, but he showed talent, the only way to get him out of the picture was to brand him as “chucking”.  In this scenario it was not even cheating and his actions were cleared later as not ‘chucking’.  In such issues facts don’t matter.  Bantering continues with baseless allegations by the faceless men and women of Australia.

I learnt a new word after coming to Australia – Gamesmanship.  Then Wicket Keeper Ian Healy was the master of it.  He called sledging was Gamesmanship.  At the beginning I was against it.  I thought this was a Gentleman’s game and sledging hard no place in it.  In time I came to accept it.  Still it bothered me when Fast Bowler Glen Mc Grath was teased in the West Indies and he lost his cool.  Not sure what was said but it was about his wife.  She was battling cancer at the time.  I am really not sure how anyone can stoop to that level to banter someone using their dying partner.  Yes, they crossed the line there.  But then again Glen Mc Grath himself is no saint.  He once called a Sri Lankan player (I believe could be another from the sub continent) “black monkey” because the other player hit his ball for a four.  I don’t think that Glen is a racist.  Just that he was angry, annoyed and exasperated at that time and wrong words came out.  Which can happen to any one of us.  How many of us are guilty on the road when we mutter to ourselves “bloody Asian drivers”.  The difference is, we are not in the public arena and on camera.

Coming back to Steve Smith and the other two, why did they do it?  I don’t think winning at all cost was the only motivator.  I don’t know much about Cameron so I am not going to comment.  Warner probably was at his wits ends.  Sledging about his wife, the fans wearing Sunny Bill Williams face mask etc.  Warner himself has accused South Africa of ball tampering in 2014 and was fined for the comments he made without concrete evidence.  I am not sure if he thought they were still guilty (South African’s).  Well let’s not forget their captain Faf du Plessis was caught twice before.  It’s a lame excuse but it’s still an excuse “everyone does it”.  Maybe that was what he was thinking.  But the outcome shows that there was not much thinking.

I still cannot fathom what was going through Steve Smith’s head. My verdict for Steve Smith might be biased.  I am not saying he is not guilty.  But it takes a great man to admit his fault so wholeheartedly.

I wonder whether we as a society created this issue.  When these young men (and women) enter the main arena, we are surprised, pleased and overjoyed at their talents and success.  We praise the budding talents.  For us they are new to the scene.  But the fact is that they have been in the scene for a long time.  They had given up their weekends and mornings before and after school on training.  They had given up their holidays and friends for more training.  They had already given up on their childhood.  Now they are finally on the main arena.

Good life begins with sponsors, six figure salaries and the spotlight.  Well that’s what we see.  They are under scrutiny from the first match.  Two consecutive bad scores and we are ready to write them off.  We say we shouldn’t have this mentality “winning at all costs”.  But are we happy if they lose?  We see time after time sportsmen facing depression and anxiety.  We hoist them at their peek and then drop them without a second thought, when they have given it all and got nothing left.  Ian Thorpe, Graham Hackett, Geoff Huegill, the list goes on.  We drive them to hit rock bottom.

Maybe there is a lesson in this.  Let’s teach our young to do their best.  To never give up.  But accept the fact there is one winner and also not the winner in every battle.  Let’s clean up our own mess before we take the broom to our neighbors.  Sledging and gamesmanship has to go.  Let’s replace it with Sportsmanship.

A moments lapse of misjudgment has now destroyed Steve Smith’s great future.  I can’t but feel terribly sorry for this young man.  I think he knows it more than anyone else, that he is to blame and no one else.  He has passed a harsher judgement on himself than anyone else.

I feel for these players mental health, I feel for these players partners and their kids.  For those who have not listened to this press conference, please do.  In my books he is still a man with a lot of integrity.  He said sorry, He took responsibility.  It’s a lot more than what some churches have done.



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“Happy as a Lark”

“Modern communication keeps us aware of catastrophes and world wide sorrows, yet we know not the plight of our next door neighbors. We get instant answers and spend little time just being curious . I am not denying the many advantages we are afforded today, but sometimes, it feels like we lost something, beautiful. . . ” A snippet from Rabbit Patch, a favourite blogger of mine.



It is the hour just after the “early service”, (which happens no matter where I am) .  . . . and I am as “happy as a lark”.  My Tres is home!  He slept under my roof and will eat at my table.   . . Moments I treasure, above most, are when the children come home.

Tomorrow is another “holiday” for my family.  We are gathering to celebrate almost recent and  in the  near future birthdays. We will honor Christian, Daddy and Lyla.  Daddy and Christian had March birthdays-and Lyla has the “in the near future” birthday.  Her third birthday is April fifth-and rest assured you will hear more about that.  

Tres and my son Brant,  both live in Wilmington, about three hours from the rabbit patch. Brant is working this weekend or else, it would be a true “homecoming’.  I did not know that Tres was coming til he…

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Death Has Never Scared Me

A different picture from an inmate. Movies depict prisons and inmates. with tattoos, bad language and violence. Not eloquence and love.

Inmate Blogger

I grew up surrounded by death and destruction, so I came to grips that when it’s my time it’s my time. Lord willing my death just wouldn’t be in vain. Many childhood friends of mine have passed away prior to their 18th birthday or very soon after. Many of these friends died as martyrs for causes they deemed righteous, while others lost long fought battles with cancer or even depression (that left them feeling as if there was no other way out).

I can honestly count everyday as a humbling blessing because my work could easily be praised as posthumous. Why was my life spared, while theirs was taken? I have no explanation beyond I am here for a reason and I have a greater calling for my life than to merely exist. I have unfinished business to take care of and I owe it to those who are no…

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Waiting ….

I miss mum


What’s taking her so long?


Hang on! Is that mum’s car?


Yes I think so.  Finally.



Waiting is part excitement and part anguish. The part anguish is made up of plethora of sub emotions.  Anguish divvies into several heads like the Hindu Gods.  Boredom, impatience and then progresses to annoyance, irritation and finally escalates to panic.  Usually does a full circle and completes with relief and sometimes unfortunately disappointment.

This was my great epiphany while waiting for my mum at the airport.

Mum was returning after her three month holiday overseas.  I cooked, shopped and stocked her fridge yesterday.  Set my alarm up for an early start.  Tossed and turned all night, worrying if I may miss the alarm.  Woke up earlier than the alarm and thought it was for the best.  But still the daily chores got in the way of being early at the airport.

As per ‘Murphy’s Law’ every slow driver and every red light was my companion for the drive.  After circling three times, I finally manage to park my car.  I was just hoping that for my sake that either there was a delay in baggage collection or at customs and that mum wasn’t waiting anxiously for me.

I glance at the flight status board as I rush in.  Good, the flight has not landed.  I contemplate grabbing a coffee, I didn’t want to part with the money just as mum exited those doors.  I decided on having that coffee after all.  Made the request for a short macchiatto, just in case I didn’t have enough time to finish a larger coffee.  Perched myself on the bar stool that had the direct view of the arrivals.  Even though I was running late, I still came prepared with my little ‘mini tab’ to do some writing.  Just in case.

By this time it was half an hour passed arrival time.  Flight status remained the same.  Another fifteen minutes passes.  Under the guise of writing my emotions were getting the better of me.  I skipped boredom.  Patience – I wasn’t impatient waiting but the airport arrivals website was definitely testing my patience.  

As per the website there was no mention of the aircraft.  This website is supposed to show all flights that was meant to arrive on that day and their flight status.  Frustrated,  I decided to check the Malaysian airlines website.  It stated that the plane had departed Malaysia.  And that’s all.  No mention of delayed or approximate time of arrival.  I gave another ten minutes and checked the two websites again.  Same messages.  On Adelaide airport’s website there was no mention or acknowledgement of the aircraft and Malaysian Airlines just says that it departed.

My mind was refusing to come out of the pit of panic.  Fates of MH137 and MH17 infiltrates logical thinking.  My positive outlook and glass half full attitude were shying away to the back seat.  Still I muster everything in me not to panic as I logically think that no one else was panicking around me.  I think maybe just maybe ‘flight tracker’ should/could tell me more.  Thankfully it did.  The flight was delayed approximately by one hour.  Sigh of relief.

The emotions start all over again once the passengers start to arrive.  I am regular at airport pickup as my husband travels a lot for work.  Also, I always offer to pick friends, relatives, exchange students (Just those who are going to stay with me).  It always feels the same.  They are never the first ones to come out.  I start to wonder if mum was having issues at customs or quarantine.  More at quarantine, if she has brought some food item that is not allowed in Australia.  We always joke that bringing drugs into our country might be easier than bringing some fruit.  Fellow Aussies think about it a kilo of drugs vs a kilo of bananas?  I share this joke in a hushed voice to the guy sitting next to me to kill time.

Finally I see a familiar face and a familiar load of luggage. Mum doesn’t believe in travelling light.  I hug her tight with relief.  I didn’t even comment on her luggage.