About Me

Hi There

Welcome to my blog.

An insight into who I am and what am?

I was born in Sri Lanka and Migrated to Australia in late 1990.  My two boys were born in Australia.  So, now I am mother of two boys, a husband, a dog and 3 turtles.

I am a bookkeeper by day and a blogger by night (in the recent times).

This page is under construction more to come…


Looks like the construction has been going on for sometime.  I am still a novice at making my blog half decent.  Like I always say I like writing but not the formatting and tech side of things.  Just recently after reading a fellow bloggers advice/tips on enhancing one’s website, I took a tour around mine.  That’s when I realised that my “about” page has been under construction indefinitely.

So here goes the rest about me and more importantly about this blog.

Most things above hasn’t changed other than the number of turtles.  We lost two of them last year, One due to age and ill health, and the other due to her curiosity in finding the outside world.  RIP Galopus.  Hope you are okay Galli. Yes I am animal lover, but not a vegetarian. Does it make me a hypocrite? Maybe.

Born a Hindu, attended a Catholic boarding school and have read about Buddhism and Islam.  After all that, I now sit on the fence of Agnosticism (most times).

My blog is mostly about my life experiences.  There are posts of happiness, joy, calm, humor, tragedy, survival and hope.   There are also posts on religion and politics.  Writing for me has become a pretty good companion in the recent times.  It makes me happy, it keeps me calm, it helps me to heal.

My personal favourites are the two  following series



I am trying to put another menu tab called “Destination Goa” but that is still under construction.

Thank you for stopping by.  Love to hear your thoughts.