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Forbidden Love

forbidden love

Since the time of Romeo and Juliet, no even before that, Love was forbidden for one reason or another.

Love was forbidden because of religion, social status, race, color, cast, money or even gender.

Love should be the most natural thing in life, but Hate seems to take over at most times.

I don’t think we have the right to forbid anyone from love, especially when we know,

what it is to be young and to fall in love.  What it is to be old and still feel the flame.

Just because you can’t get how two people of different religions can make it work…

Just because you can’t get how two people of different skin colors can make it work…

Just because you can’t get how two people, one rich and one dirt poor can make it work…


Just because you don’t condone a man in love with a man …

Sorry, we don’t have the right to forbid love



But I certainly hope the girls my boys bring don’t have tattoos and piercings.  Ugghh… I hope I don’t have to eat my words.



Daily post – Forbidden









I am a beginner to all this blogging. Recently found a passion for writing. Not sure if I am a good enough writer to publish a REAL book. I am probably using this as a testing platform to see if I attract enough interest. I was born in Sri Lanka, now for the last 26 years living in Australia. So am I a Sri Lankan or Australian, it changes time to time. Lets say I am not ashamed to say I am a Sri Lankan but I think my affections lie with Australia. I am a cancer survivor, marriage survivor, war (civil war) survivor and what ever else the world/destiny has thrown at me. So my blog I guess would be about all those things. Humour is Huge for me, fairness is huge for me, I question everything religion, cultural beliefs, Political decisions. So watch out for some some fireworks laced with humour.

10 thoughts on “Forbidden Love

  1. my son’s first girlfriend was a dancer in a topless bar..she had several piercings and even more tattoos…and what I learned that day was that i was a hypocrite . I talked a good game (love everyone regardless) but when faced with this young woman my first thought was “dear God, NO!”. They broke up…of course they did, nothing in common really, and she came to me and said “I just want to thank you for accepting me as I am. It meant a lot”…dag nab it. I admitted to her what my first thought was an how hypocritical I felt and she said “and that makes it all the more special to me”. Hopefully you too will get past the first sight and accept whomever…but it is bloody HARD to do.

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  2. thoughts to consider-and ended with your humor-Take heart-real authentic love can not be stopped, so no use trying-and if it’s not-it will pass without you trying-there may be a lot of water under the bridge to get there though! haha! wonderful post. I went to the ocean today and breathed a prayer to you.

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