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About #Breakthebias

My two bobs on International Women’s Day campaign #breakthebias.

I am not someone who usually joins in such campaigns.  As I think sometimes these campaigns are just a lot of noise and nothing constructively is achieved at the end. 

I walk my own walk and I fight my own battles has been usually my take. But today I have decided to join in with my fellow sisters and daughters to say enough is enough #breakthebias

I have joined in because – I know I am able to walk my walk and have this confidence because my father believed in equality.  He gave me the confidence to stand tall and ask questions and call out anyone who tell me otherwise. 

But unfortunately for centuries many women had to from a young age even from their own parents had to hear that they are not good enough, they will be never be equal to a man, shut up and put up was the message that was drummed in.  The sons of this generation believed in this and kept the tradition going.  So, we mothers have a great responsibility on this agenda too.  We need to stop our husbands, partners or even if it is our own father spreading this decease to the younger generation.  We need to ask our partners and sons to join forces with us to #breakthebias.

We are shouting out loud today and may be tomorrow as well – Enough is enough.  Women are more than a mini skirt and a crop top. Women have proven that they can work in any field and play in any game. Not just work, not just get by but in fact we can excel. So enough already just let us be. Let us be true to ourselves.  Quoting a line from – Korean Boy band BTS’s song – Permission to Dance,

“cause we don’t need permission to dance”

“cause when we fall, we know how to land

don’t need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight”

WE DON’T NEED ANYONE’S PERMISSION, we are more than capable of making our decisions, we can be whoever we want to be, not necessarily what you want us to be. 

I have quoted a Korean Boy band.  Not because I don’t know to quote Nietzsche. Again, because I feel like breaking the mould today.  To my fellow sisters and daughters get your inspiration from whoever and where ever.  Question everything and everyone.  Call out everyone and anyone.