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Hi Kelly – Just the weekend goss

Heard from Rog that you’ve left. We just met last Thursday, as usual our volubility flowed through that day too. But not a word uttered about this final parting.

Anyway, from where we left off on Thursday…

Arj did come for the weekend and he left on Sunday. It was so good to have at least one of them back. Hari’s got a promotion. Trent’s medicals are looking good, at least for the moment we can take a breather.

BTW, I heard Olly and Sarah are back in town. Why did you rush off before they arrived? I thought you and I were an open book. Never knew your story had a hidden chapter. I wasn’t prepared for this anticlimax, Kelly. Why, how I am still searching for answers.

We had to postpone our wedding anniversary luncheon as Ganesh had to work that Sunday. Plans are for this coming Sunday. After what you’ve done, I am not sure about plans. I am just going to take one day at a time. But if all goes to plan and we go to the Barossa, I will check out the Gin Distillery as you suggested. I may raise a glass for you Kelly.

But you know what Kelly, I would rather clink that glass at our next Christmas dinner or when you finally come to my house for that Sri Lankan feed. Why would you just up and leave. I wasn’t ready. I am still not ready.

Kelly, I know for anyone who has watched us talk – oh boy could we both talk and talk –they would think surely there’s nothing more to say. But Kelly, I have so much more.

I almost forgot, so on the weekend when Arj was here, the little tyke roped me into riding the motorbike with Ganesh. I know crazy right. No, no photographs thankfully. I wish I could relate this story face to face and have a hearty laugh. I was dying to tell you this yarn. Sorry, Kelly no pun intended. I thought that was pretty funny, but why am I crying instead of laughing. Is it because the jokes on me?

Do you remember giving me a book called “Penguin Bloom”? It came handy when I broke my shoulder and had to endure a year of rehab. Just recently Ganesh and I came across the movie on Netflix, yeah, the big boy cried too. Thank you for the book.

Is it time for me to start thanking you for everything? It will take me a life time to list everything. But here’s a shortlist. Nah sorry there is more to tell, I will get back to the thank you’s later on another day… when I am ready, when I have talked enough.

Another week has passed already.

So, I have more goss from last weekend.  Ganesh and I made it to Casa Caboni on Sunday. I think you and Bill would have loved this place too. Food was just amazing so was the whole experience.

On the way to Casa Carboni, we did stop by the Seppeltsfield Gin Distillery as per your suggestion. Awesome find. We did a tasting and raised that glass for you. Wish I could show you the photos and the rest of the goss.

Heard from Rog that we are bidding goodbye to you on Monday. Oh Kelly, I am going to miss you so much. I am not sure if Roger and Pete are up to the challenge. They’ve got some big shoes to fill. They need to first start with my new shoes and then my new haircut, the new top, no that may be a stretch. Will there be any more cannoli? Maybe… but will it be the same without you and your infectious laugh? Will it be the same without you saying that I look gorgeous?

I am supposed to be wishing you a big RIP. But I am so pissed off. I have a long list of candidates who could fill up the coffins, why you? We need angels like you in this miserable world, to make it bearable, why were you taken?

Let me cry today and leave you to rest another day. I will accept it one day, but sorry not today.

It was your big send off today. The party hall was packed to the brim. It was a send off fit for the queen. Sarah sang so well, the brave girl held it together and didn’t miss a single note. She did good Kelly. Your boys Olly and Tim did so well, they spoke from their heart. Omg Tim brought the house down with his narration of getting caught to mum – “having a fun time with his girlfriend”. What a story… I can just picture the events. I wish I had done the same to Arj😊. Olly moved me to tears. That man Bill loves you to death Kell, He is going to be lost for some time. I hope he has some good mates to pull him through. Else he may have to reach out to the Sri Lankan connections for some food and company. I might actually do that, invite him and Rog for some Lankan tucker. Kicking myself for not inviting you in time for that Sri Lankan hopper feed. Mum and dad held it together as much as possible. Poor Tracy and Matt, were doing their best to keep it together but you can tell that they were distraught. Rog had done a fab job with everything graphic designing. And his speech was beautiful. Met Stevie for the first time. Poor girl has lost another mother. Not just the immediate family but the rest of the 400 attendees were all struggling to keep it together.

And that’s because you treated everyone as family.

Kelly, you had touched so many souls and today you had broken too many hearts.

Thank you Kell for getting the cannoli and other knickknacks. Making it special each time I came over to work. Yes, I come over to work and you make it as if I’ve come for a coffee date. Thank you for all the flowers and support each time I end up in hospital. Thank you for inviting me and Ganesh for the office Christmas parties even though I am not exactly a staffer. Thank you for all the thoughtful gifts.

Thank you Kell for your friendship. Thank you Kell for your genuine love and care. I am going to miss you like crazy. But I think it’s time I let you rest in peace. So Long Kell. You were one class act.