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An unusual destination for a holiday (Part 2)

Kangaroo sign

Starting from where I left off yesterday.

We had another hour or so on our drive.  Until now we were on major alert and on look out for any Roos that may jump in front of us.  Another hour to go the feeling of we are nearly there creeps in, giving us that relaxed feeling.  Just then..

We both at the very last minute see one big Roo on guard duty right on the edge of the road.  Thankfully, he had the sense not to jump in. Just before we could catch our hearts I see another on the other side of the road.  Once again we were lucky, he too didn’t see the need to cross the road.  Hearts in our mouth we continue our drive.  Hubby was driving very slowly.  We were doing 80kmph on a 110kmph road.  There was a car behind us, and he did  not hurry us either and I guess he was thankful that we were taking the brunt of the risk.

Another fifteen minutes into the drive we see another Four or more of them by the side of the road, having a good chin wag.  Finally we get to our apartment sweating buckets, just past 11.00 pm.

‘Good thinking ninety nine’ due to her past experiences luckily had brought a few items such as home cooked fried rice, Chinese BBQ roast pork etc, which became our makeshift dinner.  Our Apartment was very spacious and comfortable.  A major shout out to Whyalla Playford Apartments (more on the apartment later).  Soon after, we went to bed as Hubby had an early start.


Day 2 – Whyalla

I heard hubby leaving, but decided to continue my sleep, or more like start my sleep.

Early morning Epiphany – Whether I am in Whyalla or Paris, Whether we have rose petals on our pillows or not, what happens in the bedroom will remain the same.  Yes, I did not get a wink of sleep.  My very virile man kept me up all night…



After a few failed attempts at sleeping in, I decided to start the day.  I slowly emerged out of the apartment and started to venture out into the nearby streets.  I checked out a clothing outlet and ended up buying a top.  So much for not wanting to do shopping in Whyalla, shopping ended up being my first activity.  Had a good chat to the ladies there, the sales assistant as well as a fellow customer.  Then I headed to the Beach.


Uma phone 1st oct 467

It was just simply stunning.  I do live near beach. However, I was once again in awe.  Australia on the whole being the largest Island in the world (it is not considered the largest Island as it is considered a continent, but technically this would be the largest Island in my books) we are spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches.  Each one unique in it’s own way and this was no exception.  I slowly walked around, taking it all in and just soaking in the beauty and calmness of this paradise.

I was caught breathless again by this beauty.

Uma phone 1st oct 468.jpg

Uma phone 1st oct 470.jpg

How could you have such an amazing tree, right next to the beach?  But there she was.  I have asked many locals, including the Whyalla Council about the age and name of this beauty, but unfortunately not much is known about her.

It was time for lunch, and I was told that I couldn’t go wrong at the ‘Beach Cafe’ for a spot of seafood.  Recovering from Acid Reflux I dared to have some Salt and Pepper Squid with Salad, accompanied with a pot of tea.  It was just perfect.  On my way out, I thought the chef deserves a compliment, so I approached the guy at the coffee machine to convey my message.  Turns out he was the chef and the owner.  Lovely guy, who was very proud to let me in the secret that he learnt his skills from his mother.  I mentioned that it was the best Salt and Pepper Squid I’ve ever had and the Tartare sauce was to die for.  He also parted with the secrets of the salad.  This is not a cash for comments section, I am giving credit where it’s due and maybe it will help the next visitor to chose his or her dietary destinations wisely.  Fresh Ingredients,  homemade sauces, pride in what they plate out, accompanied with friendly service, you really cannot go wrong with that kind of business ethos.  Well done to Nick and the crew.  Needless to say I have become a regular at the Beach Cafe now.  ‘

After my nice meal, wanting to unload some of the calories, I start exploring the rest of the beach.

Uma phone 1st oct 466Uma phone 1st oct 479.jpg

I was walking on the left side of that archway, the entrance, when heaven just opened up and showered me a preview.  From up there I see six or seven Dolphins frolicking in the water below.  I excitedly followed them to the tip of this arch. There were two local girls siting on the point and watching both the dolphins and me with interest.  They told me that it was a pretty common occurrence and they come up to the boat ramp below, each time a boat comes back in. They follow the boat in hope of receiving a treat or two.

Armed with this information I headed back, keeping an eye on the boat ramp below.  Heaven was now prepared to air the main event.  A boat was heading back and was surrounded by a few Dolphins.  This is when I wished I was a bird with a pair of wings.  The young lad on the boat could understand my anxiety and was enticing the dolphins  wanting to keep them there until I arrived.

Uma phone 1st oct 487

Uma phone 1st oct 489.jpgUma phone 1st oct 493.jpg

Words cannot describe what I was feeling.  I was surrounded by these adorable creatures.  This experience is like none other, when you see them in the wild like this, it far exceeds any Sea World type experience. I am rather surprised that this town hasn’t capitalised on this well kept secret.  I guess that in itself becomes the uniqueness and beauty of the place.

Wyalla is so misunderstood.

Rest for tomorrow. Yes there is  more to this town.

Beach Cafe –

Whyalla Playford Apartments –















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An unusual destination for a holiday (Part 1)

Uma phone 1st oct 547
Whyalla Foreshore – View from Hummock Hill

Perched on the edge of Hummock Hill overlooking the beach and it’s activities, I start writing, shooing the flies, time to time.  I look at the terrain right below me, it’s rugged and unattended. The steel dusts has it’s imprint in the making of the terrain too.  Fortunately, your eye refuses to stay there, it wonders yonder to the water.  It’s not Hawai or Bali, but this hidden gem is just spectacular.  The flies are a tad bit annoying, but I am willing to ignore and continue on with the writing and occasionally glancing back at the water.  It’s still there looking so perfect. The weather is perfect too.  If I could ignore the flies, everything would be just perfect. But that’s just ain’t life is it?


I have been pining for a holiday, some time together with hubby. It’s been a challenge to get any time off with him lately, as the man has been working too hard.  He travels a fair bit for work as well.  Suddenly on Thursday, I started my journey on google to look for a weekend getaway. Just hoping that Hubby wasn’t working this long weekend.  I was thinking going South, Aldinga, Mclaren vale or Goolwa were some places I was looking at.  But, he comes home late around 9.00pm with a long face and utters, “I have to go to Whyalla tomorrow”.  With disappointment I asked, when he was back.  And I explained that I was hoping to go to Mclarenvale, Aldinga or Golwa for the long weekend. He jokingly said, “well you can come to Whyalla”.

To his surprise and mine I quipped, “ yes, ok, I will come, I will come anywhere”.  With that planning started for the next days trip. With the aid of Google and trip advisor, we managed to book an apartment near the beach.   Hubby was still worried wondering what and how I would entertain myself during the day, when he was working.  I assured him that if everything fails I would find great spots to do some writing. I was hell bent on not staying home for the long weekend.


Whyalla is not renowned for it’s tourism. It’s no Bali or Hawai boasting  surfing, hang gliding and the night life the other tourist destinations include.  It’s just a quiet country town, held together by a steel industry.  For the rest of Australia it is just a hick town. Not sure if anyone outside of Australia has even heard about this town.  Well those were my preconceived notion as well. However, I still wanted to accompany my husband as I missed him too much.  I was the cause of ridicule next day among friends.  I joined in making fun of myself.

We were meant to leave at 2.00pm but as per the Ganesan family tradition we finally started the drive at 6.00pm with a 10.45pm ETA.  Hubby doesn’t usually like driving at night as he knows too well the dangers of meeting a Kangaroo on these roads at dusk.  However, having to start work early the next day he had no choice but to start the drive.  There was no convincing him to take the Jeep wrangler for the journey.  So the privileged queen boarded the Ute in high fashion.  It doesn’t matter the destination there is always a reason to wear high heals and Chanel no 5.

First song for the drive blares through the radio sounded so apt.

We were meant to be together’ by Laura Franke. 

I don’t remember the entire lyrics but it says something along the lines, how one’s a night owl and the other an early riser and how each other is opposite.  But my favourite lines are

“ no doubt each making up for what other lacks, somehow we don’t see eye to eye, if opposites attract I guess that’s why… and the chorus

“we were meant to be together, No doubt about it”. 

Yes, I think so too.  We argue, we squabble, but we know that we complete each other.  So with that song as the great omen we start the holiday – well at least for me it was holiday.

It was around 9.00 pm, I wanted him to take a break.  Unless, I said I needed to use the toilet he wouldn’t pull over.  So I said, what I needed to say.  He agrees and we pull into a pub for a toilet break and a coffee.  I think the town was Port Pirie.  We met some interesting characters and had a laugh.  Again I was the target for the jokes as they found it funny that I was going to Whyalla for a holiday.

Until now each time I had asked someone what I could do in Whyalla from the locals as well these jokers from Port Pirie, they suggested the shopping center and mentioned Woolworths.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them that, I wasn’t exactly thinking of Whyalla as my next shopping destination. So doubt was creeping in regarding my destination. I still joked with them and said that Whyalla was supposed to be the next Paris.  And with that we left to continue our journey.

They did give us a safety warning regarding the Kangaroos and told us to watch out between Port Augusta and Whyalla.  Hubby had the beam lights on and drove slower than the speed limit.  We just had another hour to go and we thought we should be safe from Roos by now.  Well we thought wrong.

Continued on the next episode…

But a little taste to come

Uma phone 1st oct 487