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I dream a dream


I have lived a dream.

But I ask for more,

I want to live my dream.


More, more, More


Whatever I have, whatever I had is just reality

Why can’t I have more?


I frolicked in the tea fields, and lived in a place fit for a postcard.

But that was just reality.  If I get there again that would be a dream.


I sailed the seven seas for years with hubby.  Again that was just reality.

If I could pay for my fare and sail again that would be a dream.


I live near the beach and it does feel like a dream.  But then again that’s just reality now.

So, then what’s a dream?


I still dream that I could be travelling again. Sailing the Seven seas and snapping the Seven Wonders.  I still dream that I am passing through Seven cities in Seven days.


I would do all that in a blink of an eye.  But in all my dreams my hubby accompanies me grudgingly.  So I lay down my dream for reality.


My reality is, we have a roof over our heads, we are well nourished (may be a bit too much), we are all still alive and there is a very good chance for a tomorrow.  Hubby is working very hard to make sure my tomorrow is a very good reality.  Do I need more?

I think my reality is pretty close to a dream.