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Vicky has the last laugh

sick smiling

Vicky bids goodbye, rather abruptly.  My mind reels repeatedly “it can’t be that Vicky”.  But it was that Vicky.  She filled the room with laughter the day before, but she had none left for the day after.

We are left with questions and no answers.  How did we miss the signs?   suicide attention

What was the tipping point? I am trying to fathom the concept of Suicide. Again, I am left with more questions than answers.

Too many youngsters are departing the same way.  With new technology we are meant to be more connected than ever before.  But why is there such a disconnect with reality and society? We build a society in the virtual world but fail to know our neighbors.  “Love thy neighbor” has become “like my post”.

Is social media the only criminal here for the disconnect? I think there are many aspects of the society that needs a rethink.  We despise bullying.  But are the right actions taken to educate the society? The birth of reality TV relies and promotes bullying.  Even an innocent cooking show turns into a drama for ratings.  So instead of learning to cook we learn how to be bully.  Our kids are watching the adults and repeating the same.

A label for everything.  If you are genius you are a ‘nerd’.  If you like reading books you a ‘nerd’. If you are virgin you are a ‘mary’.  If you had more than two boyfriends you are a ‘slut’.  You are judged if you have a drink, you are judged if you don’t.  You are judged on what you wear, what you eat, what you drive, where you live.

The society cares about all that about you, other than saying “We care you live”

The society is Me, you and them.  Today I like to say to each and everyone who is struggling

“I care you live”,

I am sure there are many ‘You’s’ out there who will join me and say


together we can defeat ‘them’.

when you feel like giving up

Each one of us, is only promised today.  Tomorrow is a blessing for you and me.  Tomorrow would be much nicer with you than just me.


We all need somebody.  Let me be that somebody.

I don’t want to bid goodbye again.