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Gun control – the need to take a shot at it

Written by Mahesa Abbey I am guessing after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

Mahesa Abeynayake

On a cold, wintery morning in Tasmania, a 28-year-old woke up to the sound of his alarm clock.

He then loaded a surfboard onto the roof of his car, stopped for some coffee, and bought some tomato sauce and a lighter from the local supermarket.

He then drove down to a guest house and shot the couple who owned the bed and breakfast with an AR-10 semi-automatic assault rifle.

The man with long blond hair continued on his way heading towards Port Arthur, a former convict colony which had become a popular tourist attraction.

Having purchased the entrance ticket he quietly parked his car in the car park next to the Broad Arrow Cafe.

The large black bag was noticed by witnesses as he entered the café where tourists sit down to relax and have a meal, or shop for souvenirs at the adjoining gift shop.

He consumed a fairly…

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