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30 Day Challenge


Back story behind my last blog “Vicky has the last laugh”

Vicky was part of our small Gym group.  It’s not one of those 24 hr gyms where you turn up individually on your own time.  This is a small gym with a trainer and set class times.  This is not a place for just vanity.  We have members who compete on Iron Man/woman competitions and then there is me.  But it doesn’t matter I am still there.  We all train at the same time but at our own pace.  There is always a lot of laughter and friendly banter.  Most of us train with our family.  So most of us know each others partners and kids and the life stories that goes with it.  Saturday training usually follows a stop at a cafe for more chat and bonding.  So we all knew Vicky very well.  At least we thought we knew.  Obviously we missed the sign that she was going to end her life with no warning.

Our trainer Damien time to time sets up a monthly challenge or a sixty day challenge.  We have to come up with our own challenge.  We have to come up with a fitness/physical challenge and diet/nutrition challenge.  For example – Fitness could be to succeed something at the end of the 30 day period, such as, be able to do 10 chin ups or be able to run a certain distance or it could be do something daily activity eg run/walk.  Nutrition could be you give up chocolate for a month or alcohol.  The main point it has to challenge the individual.

This time Damien has included another category called the “well being”.  This is for our mental well being.  An activity that would relax us but due to our busy lives we normally don’t make an effort to do it.

This challenge kicked off yesterday.  I have chosen to write for a minimum of half an hour everyday.  This is my well being challenge.  I enjoy writing most times.  What comes out depends on what I am feeling at that time.  Hence I end up with posts which are funny, sad or even mad.

When I am happy writing makes me exude even more,

when I am sad, it makes me heal

when I am mad it gives me the space to vent

This is something that would really make me happy and relaxed.  Lately I have looked for excuses such as ‘word’ on my little tablet was not working, too tired to go upstairs to use the PC etc and hence the reason for my long absence from the blogging world.  Yes, the tablet was not working, Yes flight to upstairs looked very dreary.  But at the end of the day they were still excuses.

So for the next 30 days I will attempt to write every day even if it’s only a small blog. And hopefully that habit becomes permanent, where I set time for MYSELF too.

If there are any subjects or topics you think I should write about please feel free to suggest.

challenge 2

I have a great story for the word “awkward” for tomorrow.  See you tomorrow, same time same place.  Might not be same time but definitely tomorrow.




I am a beginner to all this blogging. Recently found a passion for writing. Not sure if I am a good enough writer to publish a REAL book. I am probably using this as a testing platform to see if I attract enough interest. I was born in Sri Lanka, now for the last 26 years living in Australia. So am I a Sri Lankan or Australian, it changes time to time. Lets say I am not ashamed to say I am a Sri Lankan but I think my affections lie with Australia. I am a cancer survivor, marriage survivor, war (civil war) survivor and what ever else the world/destiny has thrown at me. So my blog I guess would be about all those things. Humour is Huge for me, fairness is huge for me, I question everything religion, cultural beliefs, Political decisions. So watch out for some some fireworks laced with humour.

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