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An Officer and a Gentleman – Remake

Disclaimer: The following narration is my own assumptions and thinking. It may be quite far from the truth and facts.

Douglas Day Stewart an American Screenwriter and film director was well known for his rather risqué romantic movies. Who could be more romantic and risqué than a bunch of Naval officers. So I believe the birth of “An officer and a Gentleman” starring Richard Gere was with the notion of making a Romcom that was going to be a hit at the box office.  The said budget for the movie as per Wikipedia was 6-7 million and the movie then went on to rack up 190 million at the box office. I would say that was a definite hit for 1982. 

Unknown to Douglas there was a real-life Richard Gere in the making from around 1977. However, he came to his peak in 1985 when he met his real life, Debra Winger. One could say that was when he shined as a true Gentleman.

This real-life production took almost two years and came to fruition on the 19th of Jan 1987

The cast, writing and direction for this production were all just two individuals. They are Ganesh and Uma. 

In the great year of 1985 Chief Officer Nada Ganesan met a young lady by the name of Uma Sivapalan. Let’s call them G and U for the remainder of the narration. He was quite smitten by her natural beauty and grace (facts maybe embellished for the purpose of the story). She was caught off guard by his childlike charm and charisma.

The story line may be very different to that of “An officer and a Gentleman”, But G knew how to melt the heart of U and his moves were not much further of Richard Gere. (Again, the facts may be embellished) Needless to say, U fell head over heels and was totally swept over. Officer G left for the UK to complete his masters and returned two years after with a promotion to his rank. Capt. G makes it formal and weds U.

A few words to Capt. G from his lady U.

Not sure if you remember G, do you know where and when we watched “An officer and a Gentleman”? It was in the bar on “MV Sri Mathi”. I cried my heart out. Over the years I have seen much better movies and much better actors. However, I still have a soft spot for Richard Gere. Well, you know that.

But you know no one can replace the spot that I have for my real-life officer and the gentleman.  Yes, you swept me away then and sometimes even now at most unexpected times.

After 36 years of marriage, after many life lessons and experiences on its way – some pleasant and some unfortunately not so pleasant, the lyrics of the last song on the final scene “up where we belong” becomes more poignant and real.

Parts of the lyrics – the parts that ring true to us – deciphered.

Who knows what tomorrow brings

In a world few hearts survive

All I know is the way I feel

When its real, I keep it alive

Thank you for reviving it time to time

The road is long

There are mountains in our way

But we climb a step every day

(We were faced with so many avalanches and at times it feels like we are climbing Everest, but our love has proven to get stronger with each wind gust)

Time goes by

No time to cry

Life’s you and I

Alive today

(I know I have given you grief with my medical dramas. But that’s me. Don’t you dare to scare me again)

I am almost at the end of my narration. I just realised that I have not once insulted Capt G.  It is as cringeworthy as any romcom.  Maybe ours is that cringeworthy romcom. Sometimes you are my Richard Gere and sometimes my Shrek. Either way I need you by my side to climb this mountain.

We may not have racked up 190 Million, but we are definitely a box office hit.

So, my love let’s keep marching ahead and remembering yesterday

Looking forward to tomorrow

But importantly enjoying today

Loved you then, today and forever

(those who think I have rocks in my head, yes you are not entirely wrong)

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Thirty-Four Years of Togetherness

Today marks our Thirty-Four years of tug-of-war of Domestic Dominance. It has been ride like none other. We had to swim against the tide many a times. But here we are still (kind of) in tact.

To the love of my life and the pain of my daily existence,

Thank you for the past 34 years.

There hasn’t been a single day where I haven’t thought “Why me” 

Then again you also make me emotional at the most unexpected times and win me right over.

You have the ability to make me think (lovingly) “how will I do without him?” and the on the same breath to sigh “What am I going to do with him”

Could you please stop doing that?  Could you please let me keep my pride and anger and achieve “transformation Ganesh” (that has been a long overdue project, I may add)?

What does your report card look like?

Communication SkillsNeeds improvement– attention to using more “please” and “thank you’s” in conversations needed.  The speed of and willingness to say “sorry” needs to improve remarkably.

ComplianceNeeds improvement. The word compliance means just that – Compliance – no questions ‘Just do it”

ComprehensionLacking, Needs immediate attention.  A starting point would be to have practices in place for better “listening”.  Multi-tasking is not one of your strong fortes, so just listen – that means no TV or other distractions.  Avoid “mm”. 

EffortHas shown improvement.  But consistency would be appreciated.  It would definitely decrease the “why me” status of your poor wife.

Overall PerformanceHas a lot of potential.  Has received many warnings and almost all mistakes have been repeated numerous times. But for unknown reasons has won me over year after year.  

I know there is no cure for stupidity.  I guess this is the key to this long-lasting marriage. 

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There is a possibility that hubby would be back home in two days or three.  I am planning to cook up a storm tomorrow.  Cakes,quiche and curries are in the do list.


I am waiting to hug and to be hugged

I am waiting like when I was nineteen

What’s wrong me with me I think, I should have enjoyed the peace and quiet

But I was waiting ..

for a phone call or a silly text

I remind myself, I am not nineteen

But I know him better now than when I was nineteen

We have been through so much and love has kept us together

Together we waited for so many things


Waiting for the pregnancy test results was nerve wrecking

Waiting for the two bundles to be born was exciting

Waiting at the house auction was nerve wrecking

But together we made all those waits worthwhile


I am waiting to see him walk through that door..

Looking slim and slender (HA!HA – I can see the pigs taking off to the air already)

With his arms wide open – Most likely it would be the dog who would get the first greeting

With a bunch of fresh Dandelions for his Girl (Dandelions you ask!!  read my post on the Dandelion Guy – )


Waiting becomes so much more bearable when you can wait with someone.

Waiting becomes worthwhile when you are waiting for that someone.


I am waiting to live the rest of my life with my love.












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The Story of the “Dandelion Guy”

Taken on my maiden voyage “MV Lanka Sri Mathi” 

To My Darling (but sometimes a pain in the neck) Husband

I want to tell you a story of a “Young man with a Dandelion”.

Thirty years ago on this date, a young man (slightly dashing I might add), took a garland and then a jewellery named “Thali” and said to this rather naïve and pretty thing, “well I am your husband from this day forward”

But the story begins way before that.  This said young man had apparently vowed that he was never going to get married (well that’s the story he is spinning currently, so I have to go with that)

It all changed when he tagged along with his sister to the Sri Lankan Tea fields.  His sister had a friend who lived in the picturesque hill country of Sri Lanka.  Couple of days of the fresh air and cups of tea somehow started to have an effect on this young man.

At the same time his sister’s friend had her own convictions.  This girl avoided all advances or even a suggestion by the opposite sex.  She sneered at girls who went gaga over boys.  In her mind that was all a waste of time.

She had a clear plan for her life, she was not going to even contemplate boys until she was 23 or 24 of years of age (there was a method in her madness, thought it might be a distraction until she finished university).  And when she was ready her suitor would be someone who was about the same age or not more than a 5 yr gap, No smokers, and only moderate drinkers were going to be even in the running.  Well she had no idea that she was going to throw away all these rules just for a dandelion.

The three of them (the guy, his sister and her friend) took a pretty innocent walk down the tea fields. There must have been a change in the wind direction.  Nothing else explains the rest of the events.  The guy suddenly plucks a dandelion by the way side and offers it to this girl.  Their eyes lock.  She thinks far out it’s just a dandelion.  They were laughing and talking about stupid things until then.  There was no build up for this.  There was no Andre’ Reiu or angels playing the harp.  Just a dandelion and maybe that special look but something changed in her.  Not sure what led the guy to pluck the dandelion.  But according to him, she was different than others; she had somehow gnawed into his brain.

Many things happened after that, some sad and some mundane. But after two years, so 30 yrs ago their journey together began.


This dashing charming but slightly arrogant young man thought that he was marrying a beautiful young girl, who would dance to all his whims, do all his chores, and he thought he was set for the rest of his blissful life. Boy was he in for a shock. Little did he realise that this girl, who wore a nice naive smile, who looked pensive and obedient was in fact, (when prodded) was rather bull headed and was exactly like him.

In spite of the clashing horns, there was still a lot of love that kept the unity twined together. Also the Dandelion guy learnt that he was mostly wrong and even when he doubted the verdict, it was still better for his safety and well being to apologise to his wife and listen to her.  So obviously they lived happily ever after. (Time to time he forgets but he soon learns his mistakes)



The girl does have a few messages for the Dandelion guy.

Thank you for the Dandelion.

Thank you for the German erasers you stole from the ship

Thank you for being there for me when my dad died

Thank you for marrying me

Thank you for caring for my mum as your own

Thank you for all the encouragement and being honestly proud of me when I was studying, you even cooked pizza for me when I got back late from College.  And you hate cooking.

Thank you for giving me two beautiful kids

Thank you for always thinking about us before you

Thank you for accepting my friends as yours.  Especially accepting Lalith means a heck of a lot for me.

Thank you for being there for all the highs and lows of the Westpac life.  You gave me the confidence to excel and the courage to stand up.

Thank you for being the rock during my health scare.

Thank you for never doubting me and always believing in me.  (Well have the same courage that I will stop at the traffic light, trust me, I am not colour blind)


Now she has some requests/ or demands

Never forget that we are a team.  Lean on me when you need to.  I am/ and will be always there, right beside you.  All I ask in return is for you not to mix up the spoons, curry spoon in the curry and not in the rice.

Don’t forget taking care of you is kind of taking care of us.  So please, take care of yourself and give me the opportunity to grow old together.

And please know that your gal still loves you.