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My wish today: Acceptance

This is from Olivia Swan

Olivia Swan

No matter what people say it really comes down to actions that define what type of person you are.

There are some days I am simply stunned at how people act and treat others – hurtful, spiteful, full of envy, and the list goes on. I often try to stop and analyze “why are they like that?!” but in reality it is a waste of time to try and sort out other people’s problems.

I really wish there was a way we could all look past the physical attributes of people and stop comparing who has the best body, hair, home, relationship. It’s silly. All that matters to me at the end of the day is my well being and those of whom I love. Regardless of this truth I am still human and it hurts sometimes…how people treat me. People who are supposed to be family, friends and generally care overall.

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Playful – Guns are not Toys


Playful –

Kids at Sandy Hook were playful,

but not for long.

Adam Lanza got hold of a gun, His mum’s toy…

I can feel the anger of the American Reader,

He’s playing with his gun, I mean cleaning his gun ..

and continues to read …

Guns are weapons not a playful toy

You can buy a doll without a licence, or a background check

Because it’s a playful toy, but guns not a toy

Let playful kids be playful

Don’t get me wrong Guns are cool

But don’t be a fool.

Change your laws and save your children

God bless America