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Be Like The Gum Tree …


I feel like I am walking alone on this narrow road today. Not just today but for sometime now.  My heart feels heavy.

The gorgeous gum trees still adorn my street.  I love how each tree looks so different. It’s a tree that truly represents an “Aussie”.  No branches heading the same way, no real shape or size to define an Aussie Gum Tree.  It’s an individual.  They have so much sole I am almost inclined to refer to them as a he or she.  Look at the one of the left, got to be a Sheila, she’s done something to her hair.  One on the right, yep, you guessed it, that’s Alf from Home and Away.  He’s chased the flaming Galahs.

Every day, when I am driving, when I am walking, I watch these gorgeous trees. Nature gives you in abundance, beauty and lessons.  If Sheila was to be Fatima and Alf was Abdul would it matter.  Would the landscape change then?

I was looking at the earlier posts on Deprive.  And came across one (I am not going to re-post as I don’t  want to spread hate) Where the writer says not to deprive yourself of watching that video, The video is about how Islam is meant to be a Religion of peace but… you know the type.

I don’t like being preached nor do I like to preach.  But, my heart feels heavy, so I am going to humbly ask you not to deprive yourself of experiences, because of your prejudices and of your close mindedness.  Open your heart, before you open the hate.

There is so much beauty and good in this world.  I refuse to only look at the bad.  I am not blind to the bad, but I refuse to paint everything bad.  I feel alone.  But, I refuse to HATE.

Be like the Gum Tree, accept beauty in it’s difference.


Make friends with an American and a Russian

I did, I have American friends (some who love guns, I’m still working on them) and I work with a Russian.  Both amazing people.  Not one of them turned out to be like Putin or Trump.

Travel to Japan and the Netherlands.

I did go to Japan and fall in love with the place, Netherlands is going on the list.  I hate the fact that Japanese kill the whales but not everything has to go my way.

Invite a Muslim and an Italian Home.

Why stop there, invite the Australian, English, Greek, Polish, Indian and the rest of the neighborhood.  I’ve done that too, and what a feast we had.

Talk to girl in a Burka and talk to a girl in a Bikini.  

Both will have the same fears and aspirations.  They both fear rape. They both yearn for a man who would shower them with love and respect.

If you are blessed with two legs and two arms, push the wheelchair and say “Hi”

Trust me they will say “Hi” back, they won’t bite.

Embrace a “Gay”, even if your religion says no

It’s your religion that says no, not your god.  Trust me God is not Hate.

Same goes for the Muslims, If you’re a Muslim invite a Jew.

There is no pork in the menu, See, there is always something in common.   There is no God in hatred and vengeance.

The Gum Tree doesn’t give a damn if it were to be called Sheila or Fatima or Alf for Abdul.  It just wants to be left alone, he doesn’t mind the Koala and the  Kookaburra, not even the loud Cockatoo or the dumb Galah.  There is plenty of room for all the quirks in this world.

I don’t walk alone anymore.

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