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Mountains of Ipoh

20131208_091638Today’s daily word prompt Mountain

My brain got into gear, Mountains…  Am I in the mood to muse metaphorically or should I tap into my love for the nature.

Nature.  Many mountains made an appearance in my thought.  At the end Ipoh got the vote.

My nephew was getting married and the bride’s family was from a town called Ipoh in Malaysia.  First time I’ve heard of Ipoh. Ipoh didnt suffer for my ignorance. It is just a fact that I didn’t know Ipoh and Ipoh didn’t know me.

What would we do without Google Maps and TripAdvisor.  Well for starters , Columbus would have had better luck finding India.  Anyway getting back to finding Ipoh, found out that it was a good 205 Km’s from KL and 156 Km’s from Penang.  We decided to fly to Penang and hire a car and drive to Ipoh ourselves. For those who are thinking what a great idea, just reverse, keep going and  now, park that car back in the driveway and walk away, just walk way.

Just passed the bikes coming on the wrong side of the road, some chocks,  a dog, I think that’s a cow, phew we have made it to the Freeway, should be easy now, Nope there is a young guy driving like a lunatic, wait he is the Police.


Chaos became rather norm after awhile.  Not that we will think of driving again in Malaysia, but glad we did it (at least once).  Such a beautiful country side.  Gave us the opportunity to take it all in at our own pace. We get to the Penang/Ipoh bridge, I am looking for another word for breathtaking, clear blue water on both sides, gently ebbing and mountains on the horizon, clouds just caressing on the top.  We all went “Wow” at the same time and then just silence.


None of these photos do justice to the image in my memory.  The mountains you see in the distance, as you near them, it becomes evident that they are of a dome shape, big, ugly and dominant.  You feel the presence on both sides.  Light rain, it was still beautiful.

Unusual place to admire a mountain.  But I guess that is the beauty of nature, when you are preparing for beach and mangoes, there pops a mountain.

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