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Summer Breeze??


Summer Breeze – I am not sure where you find summer breeze, it’s not existent in Australia. Especially in Adelaide. Hot air, just wafts and extorts the last bit of moisture out of you, leaving you completely parched.

This summer’s so called breeze, becomes the blaze.  Even that scorching fire, goes looking for that bit of moisture.  The breeze before had taken that last bit of water, from the last living tree and the grass.  The blaze keeps moving, in search of that drop of water.  In anger it destroys everything on its way.

This is Australian Summer, year after year. I could never fathom those who claim that they “love summer”, and there are those who further describe their feelings by claiming “hotter the better”.  I can understand if you are from a place like England where sunshine is on ration and your summer doesn’t get to 45°c.  But the geniuses who utter these great lines are from Australia.  “Hotter the better”, mate are you cooked?  Hotter the better if you are deep frying chicken maybe.

Fun fact – Flies in Australia

flies on back

It is so dry, the flies stick to your clothes, face, mouth, eye … anywhere that they can find moisture.  There is even a claim that the Aussie accent came about because, the Aussies spoke with half their mouth closed.  To avoid swallowing the flies.

But have to admire the Aussies, with their “Too Easy” attitude there is an invention born every minute.

fly hat

Fly free zone hat.

Welcome to Australia.

by Uma

(not endorsed or sponsored by the Australian Tourism board)

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